Qatar’s plan to sabotage elections in Libya


Libya LibyaAccording to the Berlin Process, the UN resolutions, and the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), Libya will hold national and parliamentary elections on December 24, 2021.

The vote will represent the global solution to a path already initiated by the Government of National Unity (GNU) of Abdel Hamid Al-Dbeibah. He has taken the necessary steps towards a genuine reconciliation between all the spectres of Libyan society. Unfortunately, however, beyond the communique and the low tones, in the declarations we see every day, many countries are working behind the scenes to make the peace process fail and postpone the vote. First of these: Qatar.

The new temporary executive brings together different currents of thought. Each component, including the presidency, prime minister, and ministerial cabinet, seems to represent the interests of heterogeneous Libyan social features and foreign interests. If until yesterday, the Presidential Council represented by Mohamed al-Manfi seemed to be closer to General Khalifa Haftar, today, things seem to have changed. After his mission in Doha at the end of September, Al-Manfi seems more comparable to the Muslim Brotherhood. Many believe that the Libyan president has allowed himself to be captivated by the promises of the royal family al-Thani and his envoys.

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A letter that The Arab Post has had the opportunity to view warns the United Nations Security Council, the European Union, the League of the Arab States, and the African Union of an agreement reached between the Presidency Council and the High Council of State to sabotage the electoral process.

The initiative mediated by Doha, in particular, under the pretext of negotiating the opposition of the Muslim Brotherhood for the race of some figures, would intend to prohibit some personalities from running as candidates. “Ean Libya” confirms that President Manfi, at the end of a meeting in Tripoli these days, will ask Kahlifa Haftar, the sons of Gaddafi, Aguila Salah, Fathi Bashagha, Abdul Rahman Sewehli, and Aref Ali Nayed not to run for the presidential election, as their names risk undermining the national reconciliation process.

In reality, Doha fears it will lose relations with Libya if Haftar or Saif Al-Islam become presidents in Libya. Turkey, under US pressure, has begun to withdraw mercenaries from Libya, but its ally Doha has come up with the perfect plan to throw the country back into chaos. To ban some candidates with significant popular support from running in the next elections or postpone them means throw Libya into chaos. And this is precisely the goal of Qatar.

After the neighboring countries got rid of the Muslim Brotherhood, a new conflict in Libya would destabilize Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria. Moreover, through this coup, Doha could finally return to carrying out terrorist attacks in Europe. As in the past, the jihadists taking advantage of the chaos could infiltrate the boats of migrants and hit their final target, Rome.



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