Lebanon To Resolve Gulf Crisis as it Tries to ‘Patch up’ with Gulf Countries


Lebanon LebanonAfter a major blow to Lebanon’s effort to increase its diplomatic partnership with other gulf nations, there are some improvements from both sides. This is after the Arab league assured that the talks regarding the relationship between the two parties are going in the ‘right direction’.

The assistant secretary-general of the Arab League made it clear during a televised confrontation that the discussions regarding Lebanon’s rift with the rest of the Arab world as its progress towards rectifying the relationship are going in the right direction.

To address the issue and further understand the situation, one of the officials from the Arab league will be visiting Beirut, capital city of Lebanon. There will be an attempt to understand the mind frame of Beiurt and the ministers who are currently in power.

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Things between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon went terribly wrong when the Finance Minister of Lebanon claimed that the situation Yemen has right now is all due to support of Yemen and the Houthi rebels are merely defending themselves from a possible crisis.

This led Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to suspend their ambassador needs with Lebanon and end any progress made to solve the crisis in Lebanon.



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