Libya: Forum of Young Students to Build Peace and Strengthen Stability concluded in Tripoli


Libya LibyaThe Forum of Young Students to Build Peace and Strengthen Stability was held on Tuesday in Tripoli, facilitated and in the presence of the Vice President of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi. In his opening speech, Al-Lafi stressed the importance of the role of young people in the success of the national reconciliation project in Libya. The event saw the participation of young people from all regions of the North African country to underline the cohesion and unity of the country.

Furthermore, the vice president explained that the central role of the student segment is to take the initiative to lead the country towards a bright future free from the mistakes of the past, to build a true renaissance for the Libyan people through the visions and ideas presented during the forum.

Al-Lafi stated that he sees in young people a glimmer of hope for the future, indicating their demands to be soldiers loyal to the homeland and not to leave any opportunity for division and difference. He stressed that Libya would not rise and prosper if not with the hands of its young people to develop a united country. The forum’s launch was also attended by the parliamentarian Ayman Seif Al-Nasr, the Minister of Justice Halima Abdel Rahman, the Minister of Youth, Fathallah Al-Zani, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, the rector of the University of Tripoli, and the students of the various Libyan universities.

After the work, on Tuesday evening in the Libyan capital, the Students Youth Forum issued a series of recommendations, divided into five groups, praised by the officials as they contribute to the stability and development of the country. They express Libyan youth’s desire for change, a prisoner for over ten years of political, tribal, and military conflicts that have slowly transformed into a proxy war with a global reach.

Vice President Abdullah Al-Lafi and the authorities who attended the forum unanimously agreed on the forum’s success, describing young people as an influential force to change the situation on the ground and make peace. The presidential council member listened loud and clear to the students’ desire for stability for their country, welcoming their enthusiasm. At the end of the forum, the vice president invited the participants to nominate their representative who will take part in the work of the High Commissioner for National Reconciliation.

Al-Lafi also stressed the need to issue a national charter on which all Libyans agree, forming a committee to follow up and implement all the recommendations expressed during the event. Speaking at the dialogue session, the Undersecretary for Educational Affairs at the Ministry of Education, Masouda Al-Aswad, stressed the need to care for the youth segment from childhood and prepare educational curricula that encourage values ​​and patriotism, rejecting violence and extremism.

Furthermore, Masouda Al-Aswad described youth participation in the forum as a cornerstone for establishing the Higher Youth Commission for Reconciliation, a means of realizing their inviolable right to decide their destiny.



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