Mastering the Basics: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Check Mobily Balance in Saudi Arabia

how to check mobily balance in saudi arabia

Keeping track of your mobile balance is essential for handling your communication demands in the digital era. It is simple to check your balance if you use Mobily in Saudi Arabia. With the aid of this article, you can easily learn the fundamentals of monitoring your Mobily balance.

Step 1: Open Your Phone’s Dialer:

Unlock your smartphone and use the dialer app to start the balance check. To view the details of your Mobily balance, input the code here.

Step 2: Enter the USSD Code:

Press the call button after entering *1411#. The specified instruction for Mobily to access your current balance is this USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code. The necessary information will be sent to you immediately after the request has been processed by the system.

Step 3: Wait for the Confirmation Message:

Wait a minute for the system to complete your request after inputting the USSD code. After that, Mobily will give you a confirmation message with your remaining amount and any other pertinent information, including how long your current plan is valid.

Step 4: Alternative Method – Mobily App:

Consider installing the Mobily app from the app store on your smartphone for a more practical choice. After installation, access your plan information and remaining credit by logging in with your credentials and going to the “Balance” or “My Account” area.

Step 5: Check via SMS:

You may also check your Mobily balance by texting 1411 with a blank message. You will shortly receive a reply mail with the details of your current balance.

Step 6: Dial Customer Service:

You may reach Mobily customer support at 1100 if you have any questions or would like a more individualized experience. To find out your balance, either follow the automated steps or contact customer care.


For all mobile users, knowing how to check your Mobily balance in Saudi Arabia is a fundamental yet crucial ability. Mobily provides a variety of ways to stay updated on your remaining balance and plan information, depending on your preference—the USSD code, the ease of a mobile app, or a fast SMS query. 

These simple actions can help you stay connected at all times and efficiently manage your mobile usage in Saudi Arabia’s rapidly evolving digital ecosystem.



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