Morocco: Five alleged Islamic State militants have been apprehended


Morocco MoroccoThe five males, aged 21 to 44, were seized in separate but concurrent operations in numerous cities and villages across the country’s west and south, according to the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ), which is in charge of counter-terrorism. The suspects have been apprehended.

According to the statement, these “extremists are active in instigating and arranging the execution of terrorist initiatives, as well as collecting extremist information on how to build explosive devices.” They apparently selected security and military locations, as well as government buildings, in order to target them.

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They were also planning “physical liquidations” of members of the security forces and the government, according to the preliminary investigation, “in addition to targeting financial and banking establishments in order to secure the resources and financing necessary for terrorist operations,” according to the BCIJ. Anti-terrorist authorities recovered texts encouraging the EI as well as an inventory of materials used in the manufacturing of explosives and knives during searches of the suspects’ houses. There was a seizure of electronic devices.

Despite the fact that the Cherifian monarchy has been spared from jihadist-linked bloodshed in recent years, security agencies frequently disclose anti-IED operations and failed attack schemes. The most recent arrest came in early March of a guy accused of planning assaults on Moroccan territory, with a special focus on foreigners. As a result of this operation, a Belgian person of Moroccan descent was apprehended in Belgium, accused of being engaged in the planning of “imminent terrorist undertakings” in Morocco.



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