New Zealand opens tourism corridors as it announces border relaxations

New Zealand

New Zealand New ZealandAs summer touches the land, New Zealand is all set to welcome international tourists from April 12 this year. The island nation announced its decision of reopening its borders to Australia from next month along with international tourists but only for the visa-waiver countries. The latter announcement will come into action from May 1.

New Zealand was among the countries to have implemented strict borer transitions amid the Covid-19 pandemic. It did not ease inter-border movements despite many of the countries relaxing their borders after a certain time during the ongoing pandemic. Now that the nation is moving towards attaining stability with respect to the Covid-19 cases, the government has started to focus more on getting the economy back on track. Tourism building is an attempt to accelerate the efforts for the economy of the nation to gain momentum.

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The same was asserted by the Prime Minister Jacinda Arder who also said that earlier the administration had planned to reopen the border by July 2022 but given the economic tensions and in-control situation concerning the pandemic, they have moved the opening to a prior date.

Being a neighboring country and also having close ties with New Zealand, Australians will not have to quarantine for their entry in New Zealand’s territory. After two and a half weeks of granting permission to the Australians, vaccinated tourists from other countries will also be able to enter quarantine-free.



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