Algeria Accuses Morocco Of Hacking Justice Ministry’s Twitter Account


Algeria AlgeriaAlgeria accused the Moroccan authorities of hacking the Algerian justice ministry’s official Twitter account to spread propaganda. The state-owned radio station accused Morocco of posting a series of tweets on the Ukrainian crisis on behalf of Algeria.

Reportedly, the radio station claimed that Morocco hacked the Twitter account to post about the Ukrainian crisis that goes against Algeria’s international stance on the issue. The radio station claimed that Moroccan authorities posted pro-Russia tweets portraying Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky as Nazi and accused him of murdering Ukrainians. It was posted on the justice ministry’s official Twitter account.

Reportedly, the justice ministry will file a lawsuit against the cyberattack. This week, the ministry wrote on Twitter about this matter. It wrote, “Algerian justice ministry’s official Twitter account was hacked on March 11, relevant Algerian authorities successfully recovered the account shortly after.” It further said that the justice ministry does not take responsibility for any posts that were published after hacking the account.

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Pro-Russian posts accusing Ukraine’s president of Nazism

The pro-Russian posts accusing Ukraine’s president of Nazism are not visible now on the justice ministry’s Twitter account. However, some users have posted identical screen shots of the posts that accused Ukraine’s president of Nazism. One of the screenshots mentioned, “We fully support Russia in the war against Nazism on Ukrainian soil.” Another screenshot also surfaced on Twitter, which allegedly said, “We need to fight Nazism by all means possible. Russia is the country that took the battle to the enemy.”

Morocco is yet to respond on this matter. In recent months, Algeria accused Morocco of spreading propaganda. Last year, Algeria accused the Moroccan government of colluding with the World Bank to publish a report about political failures in Algeria amid the rising level of poverty. In all of these accusations, the Moroccan government’s reaction has been vague.



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