Muslim Brothers: A real threat to Europe and the Arab world

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his official visit to Ukraine

As the book “Qatar Papers” revealed, the agenda of Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Europe and in the Arab world is based on four main pillars: fundamentalist proselytism through mosques, cultural centers, associations, imams and militants affiliated to the MB, radicalization in prison, the promotion of so-called multiculturalism and the exploitation of Islamophobia.

Europe is starting to be more aware of the threat posed by Qatar and the Muslim Brothers, as well by Turkey’s Erdogan, their main ally.For example, the Austrian government expelled some imams who received funding from Ankara and closed 7 mosques supported by Justice and Development Party(Akd), Recep Tayyip Erdogan fundamentalist party.

In Spain, police arrested Alaa’s brother Mohamed Said, one of the main leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.After later the Spanish Interior Ministry issued an expulsion order against him. Swedish police published a detailed report denouncing the MB for using groups and associations as a cover to promote the Islamist agenda.

In Ukraine, a cultural center connected to the Muslim Brotherhood has been closed and the imam and other militants have been arrested on charges of promoting radicalization and being linked to terrorist groups. Books written by Muslim figures linked to MB were also confiscated.

At the same time, the Danish government has denied some MB affiliates the opportunity to enter the country, in order to prevent them from promoting extremist propaganda and incitement to violence.

As for the Middle East, the misleading expression “Arab Spring” resulted to be a clear attempt by Qatar and Muslim Brothers to bring changes in legitimate governments with the aim of establishing fundamentalist dictatorships. This is the reason why people in the Arab world hate the MB parties, which have been enlisted as terrorist organizations by many countries in the region, because of their direct links with terrorist groups such as Isis and Al Qaeda.

In Jordan, members of a cell planning suicide attacks against Western targets were arrested and the police discovered that they had been influenced by Muslim Brotherhoods ideology during their radicalization process. The Sheikh of Qatar- based terror and spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood worldwide, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, issued a fatwa authorizing attacks on Western forces in the Middle East.A similar fatwa was issued by the Libyan Grand Mufti inviting Libyan youth to commit suicide attacks against the national army.

In addition, most of the Arabs who participated in the jihad in Afghanistan were affiliated with MB and, upon returning to their countries, these militants indoctrinated and recruited new people into terrorist groups. Khalid Shaykh Muhammad, the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, has admitted to US investigators that he has been drawn into radical circles by his brother, a Muslim Brother since he was 16 years old. As for Osama bin Laden, CIA investigations concluded that he was also linked to the MB.

Qatar is also having a central role in financing the creation of the “Black Caliphate” in Africa, which extends from Libya to Nigeria, passing through Burkina Faso and Mali. This vast area is the crossroads for African jihadists and thousands of fighters who fought in Syria with terrorist groups, in particular Isis and Al Nusra, with the support of Erdogan’s Turkey. These fighters were deployed from Ankara to Libya and pose a direct threat to Europe’s vital security.

In Idlib, Syria, there are still more than 10,000 jihadists in the ranks of Al Nusra. They are supported by Erdogan and come from the Arab world and Europe, as well as from southern and central Asia, China and the Russian Federation.



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