NATO demand Russia to take a step back ahead of proceeding with any formal talks


Russia RussiaAmid the growing interest of Russia towards Ukraine, international organizations have warned the nation that it should take its steps back as Ukraine is no longer its territory as before and plans of invasion will only spoil inter-country relationships.

In the wake of this, NATO has also intervened in the matter and asked Russia to back off from Ukrainian borders. Russia had asserted that to read for a proper form of communication in this regard to which, NATO officials emphasised that first Moscow needs to take back its steps only then will it have talks in this regard.

Russia must act on the word and de-escalate tensions over Ukraine invasion is what the North Atlantic Treaty Organization on European security stated in context to the European Security. The Deputy Secretary General of NATO Mircea Geoana asserted that the military agreements may have some changes and it may discuss things concerning Russia’s draft security proposals but it will only be done when Russia calls its troops back.

The official also stressed that if Russia shows any aggression on the forefront, NATO is also prepared for any possibility. However, he still hoped that Moscow would simmer down its movements as the rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine have already impacted Putin’s commitment towards the United States.

He also ruled out any possibility of Russia getting a say in the matter as NATO only considers the member nations. Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks also explained how difficult it will be for the Baltic nations if the American government and NATO defends Russia’s actions. He added that Russia must stop threatening the neighbors and “shedding crocodile tears.”

Other than that, the NATO official urged Russia to discuss various topics concerning itself, especially those in regard to the invasion attempt on Ukraine. There are other issues as well which range from conflict over Crimea, restoring lines of communication, and the situation in Afghanistan.



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