On Sweden’s burning of Quran, Iran said, “Promotes terrorism and extremism”


Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the foreign minister of Iran, strongly denounced the right-wing man’s desecration of the holy Quran in the capital of Sweden on Thursday. 

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Iran’s top diplomat declared on Twitter that the entire Islamic community “strongly condemns the insult to the holy books and the Holy Quran.”

Rebuking the Swedish government, Amir-Abdollahian declared that it is “not acceptable” to permit the desecration of sacred sites and the Islamic holy book “without any justification.”

Protester burned a copy of the Quran in Sweden- 

A 37-year-old man named Salwan Momika was seen tearing up and setting ablaze pages of the Quran during a demonstration that the Swedish police permitted on Wednesday, which fell on the holy Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

The incident, which happened in front of Stockholm’s Central Mosque, has drawn strong criticism from all over the world.

The foreign minister asserts that tolerating such blasphemous acts in the name of freedom and democracy only promotes terrorism and extremism.

He quickly issued a cautionary statement, saying that “its smoke, before going in any direction, will hit the eyes of the West.”

In a statement earlier on Thursday, Nasser Kanaani, the spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry, described the incident in Sweden as “provocative, ill-considered, and unacceptable.”

He declared, “The government and people of the Islamic Republic of Iran do not tolerate and strongly condemn such an insult.

In such situations, the Swedish authorities, according to Kanaani, are “expected to seriously consider the principle of responsibility and accountability” and “prevent the repetition of insults to sacred sanctities.”

It is not the first time that Swedish authorities have permitted the destruction of Islam’s most sacred text. 

The holy Quran was burned outside the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm in January by Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the Danish far-right party Stram Kure.

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Iran referred to the incident as an attempt to incite hatred and violence against Muslims at the time, and it accused some European nations of allowing extremists to sow division against Islamic sanctuaries and values “under the pretense of advocating freedom of speech.”




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