Palestine Screams Blood, Devastation and Terror in Gaza

Palestine Screams Blood, Devastation and Terror in Gaza

There’s blood and heart-wrenching screams and terror in Gaza, with Israel and Hamas having their hands drenched with blood of thousands of Palestinians. The US, UK and France, as well as the EU, have given freehand to Israel to continue killing Palestinians in its mission to eradicate Hamas once and for all.

In recent days, the IDF has escalated airstrikes across the Gaza Strip. Families, children and women crushed in the rubble of buildings. The death toll in Gaza is over 5,000.  The other day, American politician Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) shouted at reporters “How many more killings is enough for you? “Is it a thousand more? Two thousand more? Three thousand? How many more Palestinians would make you happy if they died?”

All fingers point to Hamas and its Operation Al-Aqsa Flood which took Israel by surprise on October 7. Western leaders are standing with Israel because Hamas has hostages and about a thousand Israelis were killed in the October 7 strike. These Western leaders have turned a blind eye to the destruction and catastrophe in Gaza and West Bank brought by Israel, the violent Israeli settlers, the attacks in refugee camps and raids in Al-Aqsa mosque during the Islamic month of fasting.

Hamas Blamed for Gaza Bloodshed

Last week, Hamas chairman Khaled Mashal defended the actions of the militant group saying Israel will kill us, whether we resist or not. He said Hamas’ attack against Israel was a calculated move and Hamas was fully aware of the consequences.

Mashal explained the surprise attack had to be kept secret for strategic reasons. In regards to the escalating deaths, he said sacrifices from civilians were expected. “The Russians sacrificed 30 million people in World War II in order to liberate it from Hitler’s attack. The Vietnamese sacrificed 3.5 million people until they defeated the Americans. Afghanistan sacrificed millions of martyrs to defeat the USSR and then the US. The Algerian people sacrificed 6 million martyrs over 130 years – no nation is liberated without sacrifices.”

It seems Hamas is willing to sacrifice millions of lives to achieve its goal. But it should be noted that while Hamas controls Gaza, there has been no elections since 2006.

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US President Joe Biden is adamant on his support and stance with Israel. He urged the Benjamin Netanyahu-led government to minimize civilian casualties and allow humanitarian aid to enter the besieged Gaza.

Rania Mustafa, the executive director of the Palestinian Community Center in the US, says there’s lack of empathy. She believes American politicians, media and culture are stuck in a false narrative that this latest siege began with Hamas’ attack.

“This is the fifth time Israel has had a war or conflict with Gaza in the past 15 years. But history goes further back to what is called the Nakba (catastrophe) – mass displacement of 700,000 Palestinians during the establishment of Israel.”

Mustafa highlighted that Palestinians are locked in. “All of that set the stage for Hamas’ violent attack. She doesn’t justify Hamas’ attack, but believes this is the key to understand what is actually happening and why. “There’s no understanding of this, the lack of even taking any context into consideration is honestly unjust.”



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