Protests Continue in Sudan despite Coup Force Blockades


Sudan SudanProtests in Khartoum, as well as towns across the country’s eastern, northern, and central areas, took place yesterday in response to appeals from Sudan’s different resistance organizations, seeking the toppling of coup authorities and the restoration of complete civilian governance.

The Khartoum March of the Millions marched to the Republican Palace, following routes set up by the resistance committees. Protesters yelled in favor of the Northern State groups’ efforts to block the Sheryan El Shimal (northern artery road), which connects Egypt and Sudan at several locations.

Omdurman demonstrators informed Radio Dabanga that large protests against the coup rulers were held on El Shaheed Abdelazim Street. Military soldiers blocked the march with shipping containers and barbed wire on the Mak Nimir bridge, which connects Khartoum and Khartoum North.

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In addition, police were stationed at the entrance to central Khartoum on the El Musalmiya bridge, where they conducted intensive searches of protestors. In the eastern Sudanese city of Kassala, two demonstrators were also detained. The State Security Committee of Khartoum has declared a ban on public gatherings in central Khartoum.

According to Sudanese medical reports, four demonstrators were injured by live bullets in Omdurman. According to the Sudanese Socialist Doctors Association, the coup authorities used extreme brutality against Monday’s processions, including live shooting, rubber bullets, and tear gas, resulting in 63 injuries of varied severity.

According to the physicians, one patient from the Khartoum demonstrations was taken to El Jawdah Hospital in severe condition. In Khartoum, other medical sources recorded four casualties linked to gunshot wounds, as well as one protestor who had a head injury from a tear gas cannister.



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