Freedom convoy continues on day two with ‘We stand with Ottawa’ slogan


Canada CanadaIn a protest against New Zealand’s covid-19 policies, streets of Ottawa, Canada are flooded with people calling out the foriegn parliament. They were seen carrying posters, banners with slogans ‘We stand with Ottawa’.

On Tuesday too, the protest was in full swing as the crowd kept on increasing on the streets. But as soon a day went by, the crowd was gradually found to be leaving from their spots despite crowd pullers requesting them to keep holding on to the line. The organizers who reportedly called the protest however asserted that they will continue to protest till they get the desired result which is unitil Canada becomes a free nation again. The locals are the ones who are most affected by the policies and hence are frustrated over incaction of the government.

“We stand with Ottawa”, referring to the Canadian protests against vaccine mandates and “drain the swamp”,” read many of the messages which were scrapped in cars. These cars were also used around the area for people to notice. Things started to change in October last year when the government introduced a new “traffic light” system for Covid management which came with a heavy load of legal work for vaccination mandates. This would be affecting over 40 percent of the workforce.

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The new rules which have come allow the vaccinated people to have a free pass but of course require vaccination certificates to make entry into many businesses. This is specific to the workers who are in public sector jobs like education, nursing, police and hospitality.

The mayor of the city, Jim Watson, had earlier declared a state of emergency over the protest that was happening. This was to control the truckers’ protests against Covid-19 restrictions. Watson stated that the city was losing this battle and is completely out of control at the moment.



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