Russia May Attack Black Sea Civilian Shipping, US Warns


The United States of America has asserted that it possesses information indicating that Russia laid additional sea mines in the approaches to Ukrainian ports; this information supports its claim that they keep said information.

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Wednesday, the White House said that Russia could start attacking civilian ships in the Black Sea as well as Ukrainian grain facilities. This idea came from the White House.

U.S. officials have information suggesting Russia laid additional sea mines in the approaches to Ukrainian ports, according to Adam Hodge, a spokesperson for the White House National Security Council.

From what he said, our company has reason to think this is part of a coordinated plan to justify attacks on civilian ships in the Black Sea and put the blame on Ukraine for these attacks.

On Wednesday, Ukraine said that Russia had hit two of its Black Sea ports in the middle of the night in “hellish” attacks that hurt its grain export infrastructure. Ukraine also said that Russia’s actions wouldn’t scare it and that it would keep working to keep grain exports moving out of its ports.

Moscow said that its missiles were aimed at military targets in Odesa. Still, Hodge agreed with Ukrainian claims that the attack destroyed “agricultural infrastructure and 60,000 tonnes of grain” that were ready to be shipped.

A White House official said that these kinds of attacks could now happen on civilian ships as well. He also said that Russia is putting together a plan to make it look like these kinds of attacks came from Ukraine.

Hodge said that Russia’s Wednesday release of a video showing how its troops found and destroyed a “alleged Ukrainian sea mine” was proof of this.

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In a deliberate act of aggression, Russian terrorists have set their sights on disrupting the grain deal infrastructure. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy took to social media to express his concerns, emphasizing that each Russian missile strike not only affects Ukraine but also threatens the global community’s pursuit of a peaceful and secure existence.



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