Russian drone shipments from Iran are focus of fresh US sanctions


In response to allegations that Iranian drones were used to attack civilian infrastructure in Ukraine during the conflict with Russia, the US on Friday announced fresh penalties aimed at their suppliers.

Six executives and board members of Qods Aviation Industries (QAI), also known as Light Airplanes Design and Manufacturing Industries, were sanctioned, according to a statement from the US Treasury Department.

The Treasury identified Qods Aviation Industries as a significant Iranian defence manufacturer in charge of the design and production of drones. Qods Aviation Industries has been subject to US sanctions since 2013.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated in the statement, “We will continue to utilise every tool at our disposal to deny Putin the weapons that he is employing to conduct his cruel and unjustifiable assault on Ukraine.

The head of Iran’s Aerospace Industries Organization, which the Treasury claims are the main agency in charge of supervising Iran’s ballistic missile programmes, was also designated on Friday.

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Following Friday’s action, Americans are typically forbidden from doing business with persons who have been identified and their US assets are frozen. They run the possibility of imposing sanctions on those who do specific transactions with them.

Previously, the US slapped penalties on firms and individuals it held responsible for the manufacture or transfer of Iranian drones that Russia used to attack civilian facilities in Ukraine.

Iran has admitted delivering drones to Russia but claims the delivery took place prior to the country’s invasion in February. Russian authorities have denied using Iranian drones in Ukraine.



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