Saudi Aramco launches ‘Global AI Corridor’ to build local ecosystem


Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabian public petroleum and natural gas company, has launched a new strategic project named ‘Aramco Global AI Corridor’ aimed at building and commercializing the artificial intelligence ecosystem across the country.

The project was revealed by Amin Nasser, president and CEO of Aramco, during the Global AI Summit in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

According to the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, the Corridor is designed to develop and commercialize complex AI solutions, train Saudi talent, support Saudi start-ups and build a local AI (Artificial intelligence) ecosystem. The project will also include an AI Delivery Factory, AI Academy, AI Venturing Studio, and unique R&D AI labs to build an artificial intelligence ecosystem across the Kingdom.

Amin Hassan Nasser, the President and CEO of the Saudi Arabian oil company, has said that small and medium enterprises in the country must be ready to adopt AI technologies in order to move ahead in the future. He further said, “We are already an energy leader, We can be an AI leader too.”


He went on to say that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the fastest growing economy among the Group of 20 (G20) countries, and the Kingdom should adopt AI, intelligence demonstrated by machines, to move forward.

He also noted that the use of AI technologies is helping Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer, to face cybersecurity threats effectively.

According to Nasser, Aramco is using artificial intelligence in the geology sector, a branch of natural science concerned with Earth, effectively.

According to the CEO, the Global AI Summit which runs from September 13 to September 15 will explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence on economic mobility, health care, human capability development, and smart cities. Nasser was acting president and chief executive until September 2015.



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