Saudi’s Newcastle supporters comforted by Liverpool fans

Saudi's Newcastle supporters

Saudi arabia Saudi arabiaSaudi Arabian Liverpool fans almost never travel alone. And as of late, Newcastle United supporters do not either. The Newcastle United Saudi Supporters’ Club visited the Official Liverpool Supporters’ Club in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday night for the first time since last season’s takeover to watch another Premier League classic between two teams whose games almost never fail to offer drama.

However, there was a spirited atmosphere and intense shouting throughout the game from fans of both teams at the Reds’ club headquarters in Riyadh. In the end, it was heartbreak for the NUSSC supporters as Liverpool stole a late goal to secure a 2-1 victory.

The OLSC president, Rakan Al-Saneea, expressed sympathy for Newcastle given how difficult it has also been for Liverpool. “Especially after (the) amazing performance in the FA Community Shield, it was not the start we needed from the coach and the players. I think the team was generally disappointed by losing the championship in the closing seconds and the UCL final the season before, but we will go on.

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As opposed to Liverpool, Newcastle has had a very strong start to the season and put on an incredible effort in the 3-3 draw with champions Manchester City. For Newcastle supporters, competing head-to-head with teams like City and Liverpool is becoming the norm, and they are conscious that getting to the top will take some time.

Recently founded in Saudi Arabia is the Newcastle supporters’ club. It is envisaged that it will soon match the level of organization of those for Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool. A club, in the opinion of supporters, is the ideal approach to expand one’s fan base in the Middle East and abroad.

For Newcastle fans, it was a painful end to the evening, but regardless of the outcome, the meeting of both teams’ fans created a great energy. This demonstrated the real love Saudi Arabian football supporters have for the English Premier League, unquestionably the best league in the world.

Fawaz Al-Rossies, one of the NUSSC members said that Newcastle’s winning personality has returned after more than a decade of absence. “The team now is trying to prove this, especially against the big clubs in the Premier League.”



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