Nas Daily shock: “Al-Jazeera spent Qatar money to spread fake news”

The popular video blogger Nusser Yassin (Nas Daily) slams Al-Jazeera channels for spreading fake news. With more than 17 million followers around the world, Nusser


Afghan deal shows Qatar is no mediator, but works for terrorists

Six prisoners linked to the Taliban militant group have left the Afghan capital Kabul on a flight to Qatar. A move that will pave the


Antisemitism, Qatar and Muslim Brotherhood dangerously spreading hate messages about the UAE- Israel deal

Qatari regime is spreading hate speeches on its financed media channels and social networks against the United Arab Emirates and Israel peace deal. The Gulf


Qatar runs massive media campaign along with hate speech PR to alter popular opinion against UAE-Israel peace deal

Qatar has been running a massive media and hate speech campaign against the UAE-Israel peace deal which got signed last month. The tiny oil-rich Gulf

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Cyprus under attack from Turkey and Qatar propaganda channel Al Jazeera

The Arab channel Al-Jazeera generously financed by Qatar to act as a megaphone for the propaganda of the Muslim Brotherhood is carrying out a smear