Nas Daily shock: “Al-Jazeera spent Qatar money to spread fake news”


The popular video blogger Nusser Yassin (Nas Daily) slams Al-Jazeera channels for spreading fake news. With more than 17 million followers around the world, Nusser is a Palestinian-Israeli blogger, and he became famous worldwide for his one-minute video promoting tolerance, love, beauty, and culture.

Be Careful of Aljazeera.

I am a victim of Fake News…and I can't be quiet anymore. I really really hate drama. I just want to travel the world and show you the positive side of it. But some people don't like that.In the past month, there was a coordinated Fake News campaign against Nas Daily accusing us of things that are factually incorrect. They have unlimited money. They have unlimited reach. They have unlimited power.But I have you.This video says it all. It's time to hold people accountable.

Posted by Nas Daily on Monday, October 19, 2020

Nas in Arabic means people and, in his videos, Nasser has involved millions of people in the many countries he has visited with his inseparable camera. Recently Nas Daily has become a successful academy – which as he explains himself – has the goal of training new video makers and creating professions to tell their reality. A rising phenomenon on social networks, also referred to as “citizen journalism”. Thanks to social networks, in fact, a mobile phone is enough to make each of us a reporter. In recent years, Nas posted one video a day on his Facebook page, but his academy became the victim of an unprecedented media attack by the Qatari regime. In particular, Al-Jazeera accused Nas of working for Israel.

“Everyone knows Al Jazeera. It is one of the biggest news organization in the world. But people don’t know that Al Jazeera is a Government media organization, just like CCTV in China. And last week, they spread fake news about us with no verification or truth.” Nusser said, answering to the Qatari media channel, which accused him of promoting the image of Israel in the Arab world.

The video blogger affirms that Nas Academy is a great news academy, that he and his staff started to create more creators, to teach people how to make videos and how tell stories. He explained that Al Jazeera published this fake news in the Arab world only to generate hate and fear. “Then they created other news channels under different names to spread the same message, and then they sponsored it! So, Al Jazeera or its affiliates in another country put government money to spread fake news against an individual,” he continued.

Nusser then showed the proof of what he was saying. He noted that several pages and media outlets on Facebook posted and sponsored post against him and his academy, reaching a public larger than their normal audience. “I saw the video and it had like 2,000,000 views! The average views they had was 30,000. I’m not that popular! It’s their money, that’s damn good that they sponsored those videos to get 2 million people.” He added stressing that who doesn’t speak Arabic will never notice this stuff, but it’s been happening for decades in the Middle East. “To the people that speak English, Al Jazeera shows good news.

To the people that speak Arabic Al Jazeera shows fake news,” Nusser affirmed showing how Al Jazeera organization propose the same topic – like holocaust or LGBT rights – in two different ways, targeting English or Arab audiences. To the English world, Al Jazeera says “let’s remember the holocaust and never repeat it,” but to the Arab World they say: “did the holocaust really happen?” To the English world Al Jazeera supports LGBT rights, but to the Arab world they suppress gay rights. “It’s two stories for two different audiences,” Nas highlighted.

The Palestinian-Israeli blogger added that with thousands of employees, companies like Al Jazeera cando this forever, because they have unlimited money. “Government money that they get every year from a small Arab country. With $ 200,000,000 or more, they can attack anyone or anything, including me! Media is broken because this is unfair.

This gives really a bad name to journalists around the world. Journalists put their lives on the line to show us the truth. But Al Jazeera – at least in Arabic -is not doing that!” Nusser added, stressing that the U.S. Government last week labelled Al Jazeera as a foreign agent. “It’s the biggest evidence you need to know this is not pure journalism”. He stated, affirming that not all Government media are bad, but Al Jazeera is adding it. “And to be even more clear we work with Governments and tourism boards as well, but we promote tourism and love, not politics and hate. And definitely, we do not work for the Israeli Government!”. The blogger concluded that he does not not have $ 200,000,000 to fight back, but he has his 17 million followers. “I have the average person, who is frustrated with this. You and I share the belief that all humans are equal.

That we love you if you are Christian, we love you if you are Muslim, and yes, we love you if you are Jewish”. He concluded, recalling that “Nas means ‘People’ in Arabic and he puts people above politics and governments, no matter who comes in his way. “We can not let them stop this message. We can not let them stop us!”.



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