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Corona Crisis – Kuwaiti Lawmaker calls for remittance tax to plug-in wealth drain

As countries try to revive their economy after months of lockdown since the outbreak of coronavirus, there is a tendency to look more inwards and become self-reliant….

COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak in Kuwait
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COVID19 Pandemic: Kuwait talks about ‘rationalized’ govt. spending amid crisis

An unprecedented event like the COVID19 crisis can severely challenge existing templates of business and economy. Companies are searching for newer ways to look at

PANDEMIC of coronavirus COVID-2019 on Saudi country
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COVID Lockdown: Saudi Arabia works to tide over economic challenge from the pandemic

Like many businessmen and policymakers across the globe, Saudi business owners and policymakers would like to forget March, April, and May of 2020. But like

Twin building of Alinma Bank with symbol of fish, landmark of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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All Saudi banks work towards reassuring investors on oil amid coronavirus

Saudi Arabia’s central bank had spent its net foreign assets in March at the fastest clip since at least 2000, noting the severity of the