‘Radical extremists and terrorists coming out of Europe’: Check out billionaire Elon Musk’s latest update on X

'Radical extremists and terrorists coming out of Europe': Check out billionaire Elon Musk's latest update on X

The chief executive officer of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, constantly occupies a top position on the real-time billionaires list. He has interests in varied sectors and remains quite active on social media too. The businessman drops posts on X regularly, luring great attention.

Musk took to X on Sunday to retweet a recent post from ‘Visegrád 24’. The clip demonstrates a prominent personality from the Middle East talking about ‘radical extremists and terrorists coming out of Europe’ in the future due to numerous underrated reasons.

The original post has accumulated a lot of comments, including: ‘I’m a firm supporter of migration, though not the current insane open door & flood us out program in some countries. I also think far more resources are needed for integration and the support of migrants.”

Complacency among Western researchers

Europe appears to be in need of a better plan on the fight against violent extremism and radicalisation leading to terrorism. On Sunday, Le Monde carried a sharp headline: “There has been a complacency among Western researchers toward the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The daily carried an interview by Christophe Ayad that found the Muslim Brotherhood ruled Egypt from 2012 to 2013 and dominated Tunisian politics from 2011 to 2021. Political scientist Sarah Ben Néfissa and historian Pierre Vermeren have examined the group’s time in power.

Néfissa noted during the elaborate conversation that the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists and jihadists share a common objective – the establishment of an Islamic state – but that the way these three movements put it into practice differs.

Rise in number of Muslim immigrants in Europe

In fact, GIS Reports Online delivered an op-ed in 2020, that carried the headline: “The Muslim Brotherhood’s stealth expansion in Europe.” Zvi Mazel, the author, noted that the group has long been establishing networks in Europe and that governments have been slow to react.

Islamic organisations have been active in countries across Europe since the 1960s, establishing networks to circulate the teaching of Islam without facing substantial resistance. As the number of Muslim immigrants rose, so did the scope of their activities and recruitment.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been following a long-term strategy to expand. It is the first movement to set up Islamic cultural centres in the continent. They took over several mosques and created many societies dedicated to helping Muslims in their host countries.



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