Acceptance of Gaza truce proposal urged by Blinken.

acceptance of gaza truce proposal urged by blinken.

Keeping in mind the objective of ending the war between Israel and Hamas, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken urged to accept the Gaza truce proposal for releasing the hostages or the people who are facing the consequences of the government.

Previously, Israel tried to compromise when Hamas demanded a permanent ceasefire, the compromise was in the form of a proposal that was kept by Israel as a deal to release the hostages in exchange of freeing the Palestinians.

Blinken’s Move

While addressing a meeting of the World Economic Forum at Riyadh, Blinken has left the decision completely in the hands of the people of Gaza that they have to decide as soon as possible what they want to do. They themselves are responsible for their welfare and better future.

Talking about the current scenario, the circumstances between the two nations are deteriorating with time. The health authorities in Gaza have reported that Israel has conducted an air and ground attack on Gaza that has taken the lives of about 34,500 Palestinian people. Palestinians are deprived of their basic facilities and are under a severe humanitarian crisis.

A video was circulating on social media, showing the youngest victim of this war, which is none other than a 1-year old boy. He had undergone more than 200 stitches, his left hand was amputated by the doctors and there is a possibility that his right hand may also get amputated. Witnessing these things is not at all possible for a normal human being as the visuals will rip your heart apart.

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The Saudi Connection

The ties between the United States and Saudi Arabia are being considered as a light of hope in order to decrease the chances of conflict between Israel and Hamas, as stated by Blinken in the meeting. To normalize things and stop the war, Blinken has suggested two elements to be required – a decent amount of peace in Gaza and an easy gateway to a Palestinian state.
In spite of hundreds of rejections from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Arab states are trying their level best to obtain a gateway to a Palestinian state which was conquered in the 1967 war. For now, the citizens of Gaza are forced to obtain a refuge in Rafah, after being displaced from their homeland.



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