EXCLUSIVE: Tunisia, Kais Saied extends emergency measures until further notice, a needed and expected decision

On Monday, Kais Saied, elected President of Tunisia in 2019 with about 80% of the votes, extended the suspension of the work of the Parliament


EXCLUSIVE: Tunisia registers a new record of vaccinations in 24 hours

Faisal Bensalah stressed that 594,141 people aged 18-39 were vaccinated yesterday, marking a new record for the number vaccinated in a single day. From today vaccine available in Tunisian pharmacies.


EXCLUSIVE: Ali Al-Arayedh admits Ennahdha’s responsibility in Tunisia’s failures

“Ennahdha bears a large part of the responsibility for the escalation of the political crisis in Tunisia,” the islamist party’s vice-president finally admits.


EXCLUSIVE: Tunisia, 20 days to act. What will Kais Saïed’s next moves be?

Tunisians supporting the President of the Republic agree that Saïed must not procrastinate too much with the reform of the political and justice system, the revision of the electoral law, the organization of early legislative elections. But above all, Tunisian people are asking to know the whole truth about political killers, the covert apparatus of Ennahdha.


EXCLUSIVE: Tunisia and the end of religion’s merchants, opinion by Hassen Bali

Hassen Bali, economic expert and founder of the Tunisian newspaper “L’observatoire Economique,” talks about recent developments in Tunisia.


EXCLUSIVE: Sophiane Ben Farhat, “Ennahdha and the murderous government responsible for Covid 19 deaths in Tunisia”

Ennhadha executives, such as Radwane Masmoudi, say ‘it’s a coup, don’t donate the vaccines to Tunisia’ after the international community and the European Union started helping us with vaccines and medical oxygen. Tunisian journalist Sofiane Ben Farhat exposes the direct responsibilities of Ghannouchi and the deputies of Ennahdha in the tremendous health crisis Tunisia was experiencing before July 25.


EXCLUSIVE. Ghannouchi runs to the hospital, fearing an imminent arrest

Illness after popular requests for the arrest of the president of the Tunisian Parliament – without the possibility of escape – for malfeasance and support for terrorism increase.