EXCLUSIVE. Ghannouchi runs to the hospital, fearing an imminent arrest

After the threats to Italy with migrants, following the example of the leader of the international Muslim Brotherhood, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the leader of the Tunisian Islamist party, Rashid Ghannouchi, has only the disease to escape the justice of his country.

On the evening of Saturday, July 31, a private car urgently transported the head of Ennhadha to a private clinic in the Tunisian capital.

The insistent request of the Tunisian people to the President of the Republic Kais Saied is a severe blow to the elderly leader of the local Muslim Brotherhood who, unlike other deputies of his party, was unable to flee abroad. President Kais Saied has strengthened surveillance in Tunisian ports and airports, instructing the army that no political leader should leave the country.

This morning the office of his party Ennhadha reported that Rashid Ghannouchi left the clinic where he was hospitalized after undergoing several tests.He had nothing,” rumors in the clinic say, stating that Mr. Ghannouchi has been sent home.

The head of Parliament, vaccinated with both doses, was admitted to the military hospital on July 13, 2021, after testing positive for Covid-19. He was discharged on July 21. During the day Ghannouchi postponed the party leadership meeting, the Shura council convened to discuss their problematic situation in Tunisia.

The Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, in a telephone conversation earlier this week, had asked President Kais Saied not to arrest Ghannouchi and to extradite him to Doha, given his age. But the people responded with a sharp no.

Two days ago, according to well-informed local sources, the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia suggested to the President of the Republic not to give in to the blackmail of Doha, to respect the will and national sovereignty of Tunisia, offering to pay Tunisia’s debts towards the International Community.



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