Twitter must act against Iranian Supreme Leader’s account

Donald Trump’s Twitter and Facebook ban in the aftermath of the violence at the US Capitol Hill has triggered a relevant debate around the need


Turkey uses social media to target opponents: internal and external

Turkey has employed all tactics to silence dissenting voices from all social media forums and has been targeting not only journalists, celebrities, and influencers but


Why Trump advises voters to double vote, which is illegal

US President Donald Trump during his election campaign at North Carolina encouraged his supporters to vote twice one by mail and one in person on

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Reddit and Twitch ban pro-Trump forums for spreading hate messages

After a week of Twitter flagging US President Donald Trump’s tweet for violating the company’s policy against hate speech, on Monday social media platforms….

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Twitter purge targets Turkey’s pro-government network

Early this year, Twitter had apparently detected tens of thousands of accounts linked to government propaganda in Turkey, China and Russia….

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Twitter suspends accounts of Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei

Twitter temporarily suspended early Tuesday English, Arabic, Persian and Urdu Twitter accounts belonging to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. His English and Persian accounts