The Best 15 Places To Visit In Morocco 2024

best 15 places to visit in morocco 2024

There are two kinds of people, one for whom traveling is a hobby and a second for whom traveling means exploring new places and cultures. In this world, many places are meant to be explored and where every travel lover should go once in a lifetime. One such place is the beautiful North African country of Morocco.

Morocco is a beautiful country full of landscapes, cultures, and rich history. Morocco is on the bucket list of almost every traveler. While you plan to visit Morocco we must help you with the 15 best places to make your trip to Morocco worth remembering.

Top 15 Places To Visit This Year in Morocco


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Asilah is a beautiful seaside place situated on the North Atlantic coast of Morocco. This place is a famous spot to spend time during the summer. The city is full of Sandy beaches. The walls of Asilah are covered with beautiful paintings and artworks. The city has art galleries, fancy restaurants, and famous shopping destinations.



Dakhla is among the top 3 cities to visit in Morocco. This city was founded in 1844 by the Spanish. The city is spread over an area of 40 kilometers along the Tropic Cancer’s Sandy Peninsula. Dakhla is a vast desert which makes it the best place to visit. It offers various outdoor activities and dining places.


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Tinghir is situated in the middle of Todra Valley. The city is located between the largest Sahara Desert and the Atlas Mountains. Tinghir City is famous mostly among the people who love hiking. Tinghir has narrow streets, and beautiful gardens full of blooming flowers and Kasbahs.

4)High Atlas

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High Atlas is considered the tallest mountain range. You can visit this place during spring and autumn. High Atlas can turn out to be heaven for trekkers. High Atlas covers 1000 Kilometres of Morocco diagonally. If you’re visiting Morocco this place is a must-visit to make your trip worthwhile.


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Rabat is one of the must-visit cities of Morocco and is also the capital city of the country. The city is famous for its pleasant weather and beautiful beaches. Rabat has astonishing cafes. The old town gives a pleasant view of fortified walls.


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Agadir is a famous city in Morocco. The city has a relaxed atmosphere which adds to its beauty. Agadir comprises beautiful waterfronts. The city has beaches and bustling streets. The city is also culturally and historically rich.


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Fez City is situated in the Middle Eastern desert. Fez comprises a beautiful historical city called Fes el-Bali which is full of cottages, paintings, and streets that will make you mesmerized. Another gem of the city is a beautiful pathway called Ville Nouvelle which has luxurious hotels, fancy dining destinations, and beautiful fountains.

8)Dades Valley

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Dades Valley is located in between the High Atlas mountain ranges and Jebel Sahro. This is one of the most beautiful cities to visit during your trip to Morocco. When you visit Dadas Valley don’t forget to visit Todra Gorge which will offer you a lifetime experience.

9)Rose Valley

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Rose Valley is yet another must-visit place in Morocco and the best time to visit here is the month of July. Rose Valley comprises greenery views, Atlas Mountains, clear water bodies, and beautiful views of rose gardens full of blooming roses. Travelers must visit here to enjoy the view of natural beauty.

10)Sahara Desert

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The Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert in the whole world. During your trip to Morocco visit this desert to witness the view of a beautiful sunset over the sand. The best time to visit here is the month of December.


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Casablanca is considered one of the most modernized cities in Morocco. The city offers a view of astonishing architecture with a contemporary touch and colonial design of the French. This city is also famous for its food and culture.


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Chefchaouen is famous for being called the Blue City. This city is popular for the structure of its houses and most houses are painted in white and blue color which looks pleasant to the eyes. Also, visit the famous secret spot of this city called Ras El Maa.


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Essaouira is a pleasant city in Morocco that offers a life far away from the hustling life of a city. This city is famous because it was the location where the most famous series Game of Thrones Season 3 was filmed here only. The city has celebrity appeal also because of its beautiful beaches.


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Marrakech is a famous city in Morocco. The city offers a beautiful view of the old town. The city comprises famous places like El Badi Palace and Djemaa El-Fna. The best time to visit here is the month of November to witness the moderate weather. Marrakech is a famous shopping destination for shopping lovers.


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Meknes is a famous historical city of Morocco. This beautiful city was the former capital of Morocco. Meknes City comprises various historical places, and the royal palace, and provides a deep understanding of the culture of Morocco.



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