The Iranian President Pledges to lift Sanctions


Iran IranIranian President Ebrahim Raisi pledged to address Iran’s economic problems and work to lift the sanctions imposed by the United States , in a television interview conducted with him on Sunday, marking the 100th day since he was appointed as the Incumbent President of Iran .

The conservative cleric, who took office in August, portrays himself as an anti-corruption and pro-poor, citing inflation, price hikes and tax evasion among the major challenges facing his government.

The government is doing all what it takes to achieve economic stability,’ he said during an interview. ‘The issue of lifting sanctions is being pursued vigorously,’ he added; referring to the negotiations on the nuclear agreement that Iran signed with major powers in 2015, according to which it eased sanctions on Iran in return for imposing restrictions on its nuclear program.

Raisi, who has been sanctioned by the US for alleged human rights violations while serving as a judge, promised to improve Iranians’ living standards, which have deteriorated since Washington re imposed sanctions on Iran after quitting the nuclear deal in 2018. ‘People are well aware of the conditions that prevailed in the country when I took office,’ Raisi said.



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