The Syrian army recovering more areas in Idlib.

The Syrian army announced that it has regained control of many villages and towns in the southern countryside of Idlib

The Syrian army announced that it has regained control of many villages and towns in the southern countryside of Idlib, after “terrorist organizations” incurred heavy losses of personnel and equipment.

“In the past few days, our soldiers have managed to regain control of many towns, villages and ruling hills, after eliminating large numbers of terrorists, cutting their supply routes and hubs, and destroying their headquarters,” the army said in a statement.

they pointed out the importance of what has been liberated as it constitutes the “fortified depth of armed terrorism” in the southern countryside of Idlib, which is a link between Jabal Shahshabo and Sahel Al-Ghab on one side, and it connects the countryside of Hama, Idlib, Jabal Al-Zawiya and Jabal Al-Arbaeen with the Sahl Al-Ghab on the other side.

In its statement, the Syrian army reaffirmed that “the army continues to liberate all Syrian lands from terrorism and its supporters and eliminate it wherever it exists.” Northwestern Syria, shelling and air strikes by the Syrian government forces killed at least three people, as dozens of villages, including a major stronghold of the opposition, were seized in the last area under opposition control.

The new attack by Russian-backed Syrian forces could exacerbate the humanitarian crisis that has displaced nearly a million people and killed more than 300 civilians since the beginning of December.

The violence came as a Russian delegation was due to arrive in Turkey later Wednesday, to resume talks aimed at easing tensions in the Idlib region, northwestern Syria.

The region is the last stronghold controlled by opposition fighters in the country, and the military campaign of the Syrian government there, backed by Russia, has caused a humanitarian catastrophe in which more than 900,000 people have been displaced from their homes in about three months.



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