How Iran Has Repeatedly Failed To Oust America

EU sanctions, shrugs off US sanction.,

It seems the coronavirus scare has taken the focus off the US- Iran war after all. Everyone was getting perplexed and the two nations were seemingly awaiting ways to get back at each other. This is the story more with the leaders at the White House and Tehran together.

The first reaction to America’s attack on top Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani had started with Iran attacking all diplomatic centres outside America.  That had to be suddenly stopped. It had also been a way to ensure America left its turf claim in regions which Iran claims to have control over.

No wonder that after initial recoil, the U.S. was also not forced out of Iraq. This has been seen as a failure of Soleimani’s strategic dream.

Unknowingly and (probably) unintentionally, Washington has won tangible strategic gains from this outbreak. Iran is still recouping from the huge loss of its Islamic Revolutionary Guard lost its most charismatic leadership figure. Soleimani was a threat to the Western powers, more importantly, to the U.S because he was instrumental in building a network of regional proxies.

Currently, Tehran too does not have the bandwidth to exact full revenge from America. It is trying to keep its head above troubled waters, and saving itself from a severe economic impact meted on it due to due to repeated U.S. sanctions. Adding more insult to the injury is a coronavirus outbreak that is going to be another battle to fight as Iran is not equipped medically to handle an pandemic outbreak.

Other things to back fire as its accident hit of a Ukrainian commercial plane bring it unnecessary criticism and frowns over a careless and immature leadership at helm. So everything has gone in Washington’s favour and Iran will only have to look for a more effective way to get its revenge.



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