Turkey continues to fuel the Libyan conflict


Libya LibyaA dangerous news emerged from the G20 in Rome: During the summit, Erdogan officially stated, and in no uncertain terms, that Ankara refuses to withdraw its troops from Libya. A declaration that came to mind, the UN is committed to organizing and carrying out the withdrawal of all foreign troops present in the country, an indispensable precondition for the celebration of the elections that should sanction their pacification.

With its stance, Turkey throws fuel on the fire and threatens to bring the conflict between the factions competing for power in Libya back to very high levels, endangering the electoral process. A situation that would have severe and dangerous repercussions for Italy and the whole European Union. Libya is expected to hold the long-awaited presidential and parliamentary elections on December 24.

The hope is to end the long period of anarchy and civil war in which the country fell with the end of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011, possibly safeguarding the unity of the Libyan territory. However, making the situation more complicated is the high number of mercenary and foreign forces present in the field. For this reason, the road map conceived by the United Nations provides above all the evacuation of foreign armed groups, to be defined through a ‘5 + 5’ negotiation format, which sees all the warring factions present at the table, under the aegis of the UN.

On October 8, the Joint Military Committee ‘5 + 5′ met for three days at the Palace of Nations in Geneva, concluding with signing an action plan for a gradual, equitable, and coordinated withdrawal of all mercenaries’ foreign forces from Libya. The Geneva meeting was held in line with the lines set out by the ceasefire agreement of October 23, 2020, and the related resolutions issued by the United Nations Security Council. The meeting took the form of an integral part of all the various intra-Libyan negotiations promoted by the UN and the efforts made by the international community through the Berlin conference.

Earlier this month, the ‘5 + 5’ Committee held a further meeting in Cairo, also organized by the United Nations, which was also attended by representatives of Sudan, Chad, and Niger. On occasion, all the countries bordering Libya expressed their willingness to cooperate in the evacuation process of foreign fighters and mercenaries. At the same time, the delegates from Sudan, Chad, and Niger pledged to cooperate to ensure the withdrawal of the armed men. from their countries, coordinating their actions to ensure that they do not return to Libya and destabilize neighboring states.



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