Middle East

Turkey, Greece to hold new round of maritime talks on Jan 25

Turkey and Greece are all set to resume their exploratory talks on January 25 in Istanbul with the aim of reducing their territorial tensions. This


Egypt seals multiple energy deals with both domestic and international oil giants

On Friday, Egypt’s oil and petroleum minister informed said that the country signed nine oil and natural gas exploration deals worth $1 billion with both


France is pushing for sanctions against Turkey over the deteriorating situation in the Mediterranean

France is leading the push for EU sanctions on Turkey next month, a threat from the union in October, but has yet to receive support

Middle East

Lebanon, Israel attempt to resolve maritime border dispute

The two nations, though technically at war, sat down to negotiate a long-pending maritime border dispute. Insisting that this is not about normalising ties but

Middle East

Greece and Turkey foreign ministers meet to ease Mediterranean exploration crisis

On Thursday, foreign ministers of Greece and Turkey met on the sidelines of the Globsec Forum in Bratislava. Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, held a


Historic maritime border talks in offering as Israel and Lebanon agree for negotiations

In a historic development with potential to change dynamics in Eastern Mediterranean region and bring peace and security, Israel and Lebanon have decided to sit


French president Macron accuses Turkey to send mercenaries in Azerbaijan

There is no good news from the Caucasus, and once again, France accuses Turkey of fomenting this conflict which died down in 1994, but reignited

Middle East

Beirut, Lebanese mother throws her dead son into the water escaping from the sea

A new drama in the odyssey of illegal immigration occurred this time not far from the Lebanese coast. Starting from mid-July, an escape route, by


What the Europeans need to understand about Erdogan

While tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean need to be de-escalated, the Europeans mustn’t rush to sit down with Turkey at the negotiating table. Tukey’s belligerence


US lifts arms embargo from Cyprus amid tensions in Mediterranean region: What is the endgame?

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Tuesday that there was partial lifting of arms embargo on Cyprus that was imposed in 1987. This