Ukraine Imposes Curfew In Kyiv Till March 17 After Increased Shelling


Ukraine UkraineKyiv will impose a 36-hour curfew from Tuesday night because heavy shelling is being continued in the Ukrainian capital by the Russian forces. Mayor Vitali Klitschko announced this new order today. The curfew in Kyiv will last from 8 PM on March 15 until 7 AM on March 17. People will only be allowed to go outside to head to bomb shelters, reported The Kyiv Independent.

Recently, Russia launched fresh attacks in Ukraine’s capital. Subsequently, former boxing champion and current Mayor of Kyiv, Klitschko, said in a statement on Telegram, “Today is a difficult and dangerous moment. Two people were killed in the latest bloodshed.” Klitschko requested citizens to stay at home for the next 36 hours. Klitschko further said that the decision to impose curfew was taken by the military command. The military command took this decision after several apartment blocks were struck by Russian forces. As per the new order, it is prohibited to move around the city without special permission.

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On Tuesday, large explosions were heard across Kyiv. A series of Russian strikes hit a residential neighbourhood in the Ukrainian capital. At least one person was killed because of the Russian offensive. Kyiv imposed a similar curfew on February 26, just after two days Moscow launched its attack on Ukraine. Since Russia began its invasion on February 24, the officials of Ukraine urged foreign volunteers to help the country in fighting the Russian forces.

The fighting between Russian forces and the Ukrainian forces has intensified in recent days. Russia is continuously making advances in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Western nations including the United States imposed economic sanctions on Russia over the war in Ukraine. Leaders from Western nations urged a solution to end the ongoing war. Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) imposed a fourth set of sanctions against Russia.



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