Russia increases aggression in Western Ukraine with series of airstrikes


Ukraine UkraineRussia continues to grow its aggression in Ukraine with this time targeting the western region of the nation. Moscow launched missiles towards a military base in the western Ukraine on Sunday which killed 35 people during the attack. The facility became a hideout for several people as well as those working there. It was particularly a facility that served as a crucial hub for the cooperation talks between NATO and Ukraine.

This attack further went on to prove Russia’s intentions towards Ukraine and its plan to continue with it till they receive complete access to Ukraine. This also proved to be a threat for neigbbouring countries as the bombings were perilously close to the Polish border. It was a matter of great concern for NATO as launching an attack so close to a member state would mean that it straight away directed towards an offensive against NATO and its allies. NATO fears that if it continues, things could be drawn into a fight sooner than imagined.

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The offensive proved that there are high chances of receiving the same old cold war rivalries and which would result in reigniting the current global security order with changed definitions. As per a report, over 30 Russian cruise missiles targeted the facility at Yavoriv which has been known to train Ukrainian soldiers since years.

The facility also witnesses trainers or instructors from the United States as well as its other Western alliance. Poland is extremely crucial for Ukraine as it provides a transit route for military aid from the allies. The airstrike was reportedly done to target those shipments.



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