Nuclear Deal Does Not Better Living Conditions For Iranians


Iran IranIf the nuclear deal comes through, which is now in doldrums, the money that Iran receives will definitely add into its coffers. But it might not make a dime of a difference to the general public. According to previous reports, when the deal initially happened in 2015, it hardly had an effect on the lives of the general public.

Inflation rates continue to mount and people were suffering under miserable infrastructural conditions. Indeed, any return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal will mean sanctions lifted for Iran and better trade. It will therefore pump up the Iranian banking and shipping sectors too while reintegrating the government into the global financial system, enhancing the country’s legitimacy in the world, increase its oil exports, and boost foreign investments, particularly in the energy industry.

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With the way political situation has been in Iran, it is no surprise that those billions coming in will ever reach towards the betterment of its own citizens. Political analysts feel that besides this, the cases of human rights violations will also increase, especially for those who oppose the regime. The regime will likely first use the extra revenue to increase its military budget. It was the same in 2015 where money went into raising its military budget by $1.5 billion, from $15.6 billion to $17.1 billion. At the time, the Iranian Students News Agency quoted Mohammed Reza Pour Ebrahimi, a member of the parliament’s Economic Affairs Committee, as saying: “In addition to the approved figures, $1.5 billion has been allocated to prop up defense of the country and this amount has been approved by this committee.”

Nuclear deal means more power to Iran and then rights to meddle into the business of other countries. Iran has no intentions of shutting up but will see this as an opportunity to make its presence felt. It might also rekindle its interest in acquiring better nuclear technology.



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