US forces killed al-Qaida pioneer Qassim al-Rimi in Yemen, Trump affirms


Where Bactrian’s treasure is, one of the five most important gold collections – about 22,000 pieces – in the world, is a mystery. Mohammad Fahim Rahimi, director of the National Museum of Afghanistan says he cannot tell anyone where it is or make any comment. Some say it is hidden abroad, someone it is already in the hands of the Taliban, someone else who has been divided and hidden in different places. The only certainty is that its value is inestimable, that it could be tempting to many traffickers, and that a government that needs money and that does not boast an unbridled love for ancient history, could be useful.

The last time the collection was seen was last year in China. But previously the treasure – dating back to the first century AD – has spent the last few years traveling around the world: it was thought to have been lost in the previous Taliban government but then in 2003 it was found in the vault of the Central Bank of Kabul. Then, president Hamid Karzai had to issue a decree to be able to break into the giant safe and unearth necklaces, belts, medallions, even a crown. The treasury exhibition brought in 4.5 million dollars up to 2020.

On August 15, when the Taliban entered Kabul, Rahimi had the worst night of his life. “For two days we feared looting, we were afraid that everything would be lost, as in the 90s, when 70 percent of its artifacts were plundered during the civil war, then popped up in auctions, museums, private collections of nations and international actors.” He says, stressing that this museum, what it represents, is not only important for Afghanistan, but for the history of the world.

Afghanistan has been at a crossroads, there are finds from the times of Alexander the Great, up to Buddhist monasteries. There are 5000 archaeological sites that should be explored: ninsula (AQAP). The member has for quite some time been viewed as the global system’s most dangerous section for trying to plan attacks on the United States. Al-Rimi had stated responsibility regarding the deadly shooting at Florida’s Naval Air Station Pensacola. 

“We will keep ensuring the safety of the American people by eliminating and tracking down terror groups who plan and look to threaten us,” Trump responded. 

While Trump affirmed reports that Al-Rimi had been killed, he didn’t state when the US operation was directed or offer any insights concerning how it was executed. 

As per the Guardian, end of January, a US drone wrecked a building lodging al-Qaeda terrorist in eastern Yemen. Additionally, on 1 February, Trump retweeted a few different tweets and media reports that appeared to offer affirmation that the blow had killed Al-Rimi.Read more about Arab News Latest, Arab Politics News.

Article Credit: The Guardian/ The Independent



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