US sanctions individuals and companies from Iran, China and Hong Kong


The United States has said that it imposed sanctions on a group of people and firms from the Islamic Republic of Iran, the People’s Republic of China, and Hong Kong associated with the production of Iran’s ballistic missile program.

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On Tuesday, the US Treasury Department, the national treasury, and the finance department of the federal government of the US said that the US sanctioned a group of individuals as well as businesses from these countries.

The United States Department of the Treasury said that the network of seven people and six companies “facilitated the procurement of critical parts and technology for key people in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s ballistic missile development.”

The US imposed sanctions on Zhejiang Qingji, a China-based firm, for allegedly selling centrifuges and other materials to an Iran-based firm. Several employees of Qingji and the Hong Kong-based Lingoe Process Engineering Limited were also targeted by the US sanctions.

Among the sanctions targets was Iran’s Defense Attaché in Beijing, Davoud Damghani, who reportedly coordinated purchases between Iran and China.

The sanctions deny these companies and people the right to work with U.S. companies and citizens. They cannot even access any property or financial assets held in the US.

The recent sanctions came as the Islamic Republic of Iran claimed that it had created its first hypersonic missile, adding a new weapon to its arsenal.

Reportedly, Iran’s first-ever hypersonic missile, Fattah, has the ability to penetrate missile defense systems. The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and the President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, attended the unveiling event for the missile.

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Raisi reportedly said, “Today, we feel that the deterrent power has been formed, which is an anchor of lasting security and peace for the regional countries.” General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the head of Iran’ Revolutionary Guard’s aerospace program, said, “There exists no system that can rival or counter this missile.”



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