Who Does Villa Somalia Want as a President of The Hirshabele Administration?


Monday, October 12, 2020. There are reports that the Somali presidency is seeking certain individuals from the top leadership of the HirShabelle administration, at a time when the administration led by President Waare is coming to an end. The government wants a plan to hand over the presidency to a senior official from their side, as the country’s general election approaches.

The formation of the administration is currently facing serious challenges that are feared to lead to the collapse of administration but nothing has been done so far. The Hawadle clan, the largest clan in the region, often takes the presidency. The current president is from the Xawadle, and they are not compromising this title.

The presidency of Somalia is reportedly planning to make changes in the top leadership of the administration, especially the post of president previously assigned to the Hawadle clan. This indicates that the Federal government is currently creating a rift between the communities that own this state in order to gain a support in the next election.

Politicians have been quoted as saying that Villa Somalia wants the presidency of this state to be given to an individual from the Abgaal clan. In particular, Villa Somalia has a strong interest in Ali Gudlawe-the man with power in Middle Shabelle. The Abgaal clan are dominant of the capital of Mogadishu, owns the governor of Banadir region. But this time FD government wants to create discord among the communities living in this administration.

Villa Somalia’s plan is strongly opposed by politicians and intellectuals from the Hawadle Clan who have threatened to leave the HirShabelle administration if they miss president. This can lead to inter-communal conflict. President Farmajo and his team are currently consulting on how to drive the best possible way to the formation of the rebuilding process Hirshabelle facing strong viral challenges and they want to put a president under their command, to get the support of the lawmakers from that administration.

Political analysts believe that it is possible for Villa Somalia to change its plans for the presidency with the Abgaal community if the current obstacles to the formation of the administration increase. The election of the HirShabelle administration comes at a critical time in the run-up to the Federal Parliament of Somalia, and the HirShabelle election is currently facing experiments that could delay the formation of the state.

However, it appears that the Federal government is currently seeking support, and is creating disputes over land and political titles in order to gain votes when the parliamentary elections are over.



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