Why Are Olive Trees Being Uprooted In Israel?


Israel IsraelWhile the whole world understands the need for sustainable living and greenery, there are strangest reasons for which trees can be uprooted. This times its Israeli forces that have uprooted 100 olive trees to make space for a check-post.

This has been done to claim ownership on the land as military land under the focus and control of Israeli occupation forces. The trees were uprooted in the Wadi Sa’ir area, east of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

“This is a new crime added to the crimes of the Israeli occupation, and we condemn this new aggression on Palestinian land,” Musa Al-Farroukh, the mayor of the town of Sa’ir, said. According to Palestinian sources, it is unfortunate that the army has uprooted the trees in order to seize 11 dunums of land to establish a new military checkpoint in eastern Bethlehem. One dunum is equal to 1,000 square meters.

This new check point is supposed to be a permanent fixture. There are 800 Israeli military checkpoints in the West Bank, of which 102 are contained within an area of less than 1.5 square kilometers inside the old city of Hebron. He said the Israeli military was using the pretext of setting up checkpoints to seize Palestinian land and uproot trees, and that Israeli courts were biased in favor of the army.

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It is a hard fact that every Israeli military checkpoint create huge trouble for Palestinians living in the concerned area. It is a fact that Israel continues to use ‘land, rights and blood’ to get rid of Palestinians, all to help extremist Zionist parties that they can win elections.

“What is happening is an implementation of the deal of the century that former US President Donald Trump announced, and today it is implemented by Israel by turning the West Bank into isolated cantons and islands,” Arar said.



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