Why Are Skilled Professionals Gravitating Towards Entrepreneurship?


The whole world is going towards being on their own. Entrepreneurship is the ‘in-thing’ and the middle eastern nations are no less on this experimentative streak. All age groups today are feeling the need of creative freedom and flexibility on work front.

The pandemic has made this vista open and acceptable to a lot of professionals. This has also come with a possibility of a lot of middle eastern nations encouraging investments and opening of small businesses in their lands. Therefore, visa options are becoming more relaxed, and entrepreneurs have the option of choosing to set up shop, literally anywhere they want.

Survey done by popular job portals are now indicating that 63percent professionals  would prefer to be self-employed or have their own business if given the choice. The survey was carried off by jobs portal Bayt.com and market research company YouGov.

Starting a business in the emirates gives them better work-life-balance, excellent working conditions, better pay for their work and personal sense of satisfaction too. These were stated as the most reasons of choosing to go on their own rather than work for someone else.

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The survey polled 2,727 people in more than 16 countries, including the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Lebanon, between June 22 and July 19 this year.

Businesses are learning to adapt. The pandemic has created a new world order for work, and work from home and entrepreneurial work models are being widely accepted by companies too. Many companies are even allowing employees to choose between fully working office hours and hybrid models to work.

Anyway is working towards attracting fresh talent in order to diversify its economy further. For this, Arab’s second largest thriving economy is already looking at increase foreign direct investment, attract skilled workers, and provide incentives to companies to set up or expand their operations. The government’s overhaul of several visa programmes has also boosted opportunities for professionals to set up their own businesses.



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