Egypt Expresses Fear Over Cracks in Sub Dam To UN Security Council


Egypt EgyptThere are cracks in the Ethiopian dam and this isn’t making Egypt feel any better about its situation vis-a-vie the main Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Cracks have been observed on the concrete façade of the sub dam to the Grand dam, raising concerns for the Egypt that it will not get great access to the waters of the Nile River.

Making it a concern of national security, Egypt has written a formal letter to the United Nations expressing its concerns. Cairo has communicated is sense of alarm over the fact that Ethiopia has failed to comply with its duty to conduct the required environmental and socioeconomic impact studies.

Ethiopian authorities however have expressed their intent to unilaterally fill in the dam in the forthcoming rainy season. Egypt’s Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Mohamed Abdel-Aty has communicated Ethiopia’s decision comes in the absence of an agreement between it and Egypt and Sudan on the rules governing the filling and operation of the dam, constituting a violation of the 2015 Declaration of Principles signed by the three countries. Its strange but Ethiopia is holding Egypt as responsible for any significant harm that may be caused to Egypt by these repeated violations.

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The GERD has continued to trouble the three countries with no significant movement of joy for Egypt and Sudan. The latter two countries are demanding a legally binding agreement on the filling and operation of the dam, which they fear will reduce their share of the Nile’s waters.

It is worth noting that Egypt’s Foreign Ministry said the country reserves its right guaranteed in the UN Charter to take all necessary measures to ensure and protect its national security, including against any harm that Ethiopia’s unilateral measures may cause.



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