Why the Arab Media Forum this May 28th Should be Followed Along by Many

why the arab media forum this may 28th should be followed along by many

Set for May 28, 2024, the Arab Media Forum (AMF) transcends its calendar date, emerging as a hub of thought leadership where minds converge to shape regional and global media practices. It offers insightful analysis of media trajectories, inviting media experts, enthusiasts, and the public to engage with a diverse array of perspectives and ideas.

Organized by the Dubai Press Club, this significant gathering unites over 3,000 dignitaries, including heads of state, influential media figures, and digital experts. The AMF provides a platform for robust debate on the evolving nature of media and its pivotal role in shaping dynamics beyond regional borders.

Recognizing Excellence

In addition to discussions, the forum serves as a stage for acknowledging excellence. Day 2 features the Arab Media Awards, honoring breakthroughs that propel the industry forward and recognizing outstanding achievements within the regional media landscape.

Exploring Media Futures

Through its 110 seminars, the AMF delves into the multifaceted factors influencing media evolution, from political and economic shifts to technological innovations and cultural dynamics. Its unique perspective into the future of the sector encourages exploration and reflection.

A cornerstone of the conference is the Youth Media Forum, dedicated to nurturing the future leaders of the media industry. It ensures ongoing evolution and amplification of fresh voices, reflecting the aspirations of tomorrow’s media landscape.

Global Insights

Crucially, the AMF fosters a global dialogue by transcending national boundaries. Esteemed figures such as renowned British author David Patrikarakos and Telegram developer Pavel Durov contribute their global perspectives, enriching discussions with diverse experiences and viewpoints.

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Shaping Media Narratives

At its core, the AMF aims to develop a new media vision aligned with the aspirations of the Arab people. This perspective extends beyond the forum, influencing narratives and perceptions that resonate throughout the broader media landscape. Serving as a catalyst for change and a forum where ideas converge, the AMF plays a pivotal role in shaping the fabric of our media world.



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