50 Palestinians have been displaced by Israeli demolitions in the last two weeks


According to the Protection of Civilians Report, which is published every two weeks and covers the first two weeks of May, the demolitions led to the eviction of 50 Palestinians, including 23 children, and had an impact on more than 600 other people’s means of subsistence.

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According to the study, nine of the structures—including a school—were given as humanitarian aid by donors.

More than half of the impacted buildings (26) were in Area C, which is fully governed by the Israeli military, including a school that was supported by donations. The remaining 16 buildings in East Jerusalem were destroyed.

An EU-funded Palestinian school with at least 40 students from Jibb al-Deeb, close to Bethlehem, was destroyed by Israeli troops on May 7 for lack of a construction permit provided by Israel and structural safety issues. According to OCHA, 57 schools in the West Bank are under danger of being demolished.

Along with the demolitions, the study stated that Israeli troops murdered 108 Palestinians in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, between January 2023 and May 15, 2023, more than double the death toll of 51 during the same time in 2022.

In the West Bank, Israeli soldiers are said to have shot and killed 12 more Palestinians who were apparently attempting to assault them.

Additionally, during an operation in the Nablus Old City, Area A of the West Bank, which is fully under Palestinian control, Israeli soldiers demolished one residential structure and damaged three others.

The report also said that on May 2 and 3, Israeli soldiers conducted raids in Area B of the West Bank, which is under Palestinian administration and Israeli military control, in the villages of Hajja in the Qalqilya governorate and Haris in the Salfit governorate.

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Two houses with numerous stories were destroyed. Nine more people, including three children, were also impacted, totaling 14 persons from three families, including eight children.



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