12 people killed in Israeli raids on Gaza, including top terrorists


Twelve people were killed as a consequence of Israeli airstrikes on the terrorist group Islamic Jihad in Gaza on Tuesday, according to the health ministry in the Hamas-run Palestinian territory.

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The government stated that women and children were among the deceased but did not provide any other information on the victims’ identities. After the strikes, an AFP reporter in Gaza observed a building’s top on fire and ambulances transporting wounded.

The Israeli army claimed to have attacked “weapon manufacturing sites” owned by Islamic Jihad, which it classifies as a terrorist organization, killed three of its officials.

Jihad Ghannam, the secretary of the Al-Quds Brigades military council, and Khalil Al-Bahtini, another member of the council and the head of the military wing in northern Gaza, were among the three top figures who were verified as having been slain by the militant organization in a statement.

Islamic Jihad referred to the third, Tareq Ezzedine, as “one of the heads of military action” in the occupied West Bank who worked out of Gaza.

A body of a guy named Ghannam was discovered by an AFP photographer near Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Islamic Jihad released a statement in which it declared, “We mourn the leaders and their wives and a number of their children who were killed in a cowardly Zionist crime,” promising that “the blood of martyrs will increase (the) resolve” of the cause.

According to AFP correspondents, the air strikes, which started a little after 2 a.m. (2300 GMT), were still ongoing almost two hours later with a fresh explosion heard in the east.

The operation took place less than a week after Islamic Jihad established a truce surrounding Gaza that was mediated with assistance from Egypt in response to a new outburst of hostility.

After Khader Adnan, who had been on a hunger strike for 87 days after being detained due to connections to Islamic Jihad, passed away while being held by Israel, militants from Gaza and Israel exchanged cross-border fire.

The terrorist organization said on Tuesday that Israel had “scorned all the initiatives of mediators” and promised to “avenge the leaders” murdered in the most recent airstrikes.

The Israeli army declared it will “continue to operate for the security of the civilians in the state of Israel” in separate releases that listed each member of the Islamic Jihad who had been slain.

Ghannan was described by the military as “one of the most senior members of the organization,” who “was entrusted with coordinating weapons and money transfers between the Hamas terrorist organization” and his movement.

Israel claimed that Bahtini was “at fault” for the recent missile attacks on Israel.

In the West Bank, where Ezzedine was raised and where Israel has been occupying since the 1967 Six-Day War, Ezzedine was lately “planning and direction (sic) multiple attacks against Israeli” citizens.

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He was convicted of participating in suicide bombings in the 2000s and given a 25-year jail term by Israel. He was later released in a 2011 prisoner swap and moved to Gaza, according to the army.

The army advised Israeli citizens to remain near bomb shelters until Wednesday evening if they were more than 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the Gaza border.



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