A new wave of Coronavirus is bringing Tunisia to its knees: 6,000 cases and 116 deaths in 24 hours


Tunisia is experiencing a new terrifying wave of coronavirus infections. According to the Ministry of Health’s latest data, 6,184 patients tested positive to COVID-19 out of 17,647 tests, a rate of 35.04%. Despite the restrictive measures in force in most of the country’s governorates with the imposition of general and targeted lockdowns, the pressure on hospitals remains very high, with 3,401 people hospitalized.

The North-African country recorded over 100 deaths from coronavirus complications in the past 24 hours only. According to the Tunis Ministry of Health data, 116 deaths and 4686 new coronavirus cases confirmed on 13,920 tests were reported yesterday, with a positivity rate of 33.66%.The contagions’ increase of the current wave comes after the country announced some cases of the Delta variant, the same that has caused thousands of deaths in India in the past months.

Despite the restrictive measures adopted in most of the country’s governorates, which include general and targeted lockdowns, the pressure on hospitals shows no sign of decreasing. During the weekend, 3568 people were hospitalized, 602 in resuscitation and 152 in assisted breathing or ICU. There are no more hospital places in many governorates, and local sources report situations that are now out of control in many facilities.

Tunis governor Chedly Bouallègue announced today on local radio Mosaïque Fm that the regional commission will meet tomorrow with the Minister of Education to examine the possibility of decreeing a general lockdown in the urban area of Grand Tunis over the weekend. This decision was motivated by the observation this weekend in several non-compliance with preventive measures by citizens, particularly on the beach of La Marsa in the Gammarth area, near the capital.

Tunisia has recorded 443,631 infections and 15,377 deaths since the start of the pandemic. The national vaccination campaign, which began on March 13, is proceeding slowly. So far, less than two million people have received a dose, and just over half a million also the second, out of about 12 million inhabitants.

The authorities reintroduced the obligation to submit a negative PCR test for travelers from abroad, including children under 12. Moreover, the test, previously abolished for the vaccinated, must be carried out less than 72 hours before the first boarding. Thus, besides the PCR test, the travelers not vaccinated will have to respect a self-isolation of seven days from their arrival in Tunisia. On the other hand, fully vaccinated passengers are exempt from quarantine in the context of a charter flight or organized trip.



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