There is no peace in Syria: Turkish militias leave thousands of civilians without water, new raid against US


Erdogan’s regime continues to unleash the war on blue gold as a weapon to weaken the Syrian region of Hassaka.Twenty-five is the dangerous reiterations of the Ankara strategy, which has been controlling the Allouck (Hassaka) water station since 2019.

The last intervention dates back to January 2021, when the Turkish-backed groups reduced the quantity of water supplied in the Syrian territory to 200 cubic meters per second. Much less than the agreement reached between Syria and Turkey in 1987 for at least 500 cubic meters. This umpteenth offensive implemented by Erdogan today is very frightening.

The total lack of water that the Syrian population is facing these days coincides with dizzying temperatures, up to peaks of over forty degrees.The first direct consequence of this grueling water crisis could be a double catastrophe, both in humanitarian and environmental terms.In fact, on the one hand, civilians are often forced to draw from makeshift wells from which the water is not always drinkable or, in any case, not suitable for satisfying primary health and hygiene needs.

On the other hand, the systematic lack of water leads to drought and famine.Not infrequently, the population is forced to abandon cultivated land due to the inability to resort to adequate irrigation resources.

The economic side, on the other hand, is certainly not reassuring.Civilians have to buy water like other primary goods yet paying exorbitant prices. The estimated amount for implementing a reverse osmosis process necessary for the filtration of water and allowing a significant increase in its transport amounts to 2.5 million dollars.Fortunately, there has been no shortage of interventions by various humanitarian organizations, which to date have distributed water to about 170,000 people.

In the past few hours, the US military base in the Al-Omar oil field at Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria has been the subject of a missile attack, the second in a week. According to the Syrian media, the attack on the American base took place with two missiles, followed by the intense flight of US planes over northeast Syria. As for the origin of the attack, the Syrian Opposition Observatory reported that it was launched from Al-Mayadin village in Deir Ezzor.

While there were no comments from the US military, the press office of the “Syrian Democratic Forces,” which controls the area on behalf of the US occupation, confirmed the attack, denying that there were any casualties.



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