America Moves Closer To Taiwan Much To China Discomfort


In a tit for tat game, China has gone all out to conduct a military exercise near the Taiwan Straits in a show of ‘protecting its sovereignty’ as a top American official is on a visit to Taiwan. It looks like school boys putting their best foot forward in show of a newly found power game. The US official was visiting Taiwan in its recent attempt to shore up defense capabilities to help Taiwan respond back to China’s growing bullish tendencies to expand its reach in the South China Sea.

Using the visit as an excuse, China’s defence ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang has accused the US and Taiwan of ‘stepping up collusion, frequently causing disturbances,’ although he did not make any reference to the visit.Guoqiang has literally mocked the American attempt to be using smaller nations to romp up its fight against China. The minister has called the military exercise as ‘legitimate and necessary to protect its sovereignty’ but has not divulged the details of the military exercise.

The US has been ramping up its naval fleet in order to respond back to the Chinese interest in doing the same. Two rigorous days of large scale Chinese drill was reported off Taiwan’s Southwest coast. China is known to have an excellent maintenance infrastructure while America is proud of adding state of the art naval combat and surveillance ships and underwater unarmed vehicles.

With Kieth Krach meeting with Taiwanese delegation, the message going across the board is that the latter is going to use this opportunity to come closer to Washington and push for it to be awarded the status of an independent nation. China, on its part is feeling the unnecessary American intrusion takes away its chance to claim authority over Taiwan. Krach is one of the few American officials to visit Taiwan in many years. He works in the capacity of undersecretary of economic affairs.

Beijing has viewed Taiwan as its own territory, vowing to one day seize it, while many Taiwanese want a separate nation. However, with the US upping its game with Taiwan, a trusted arms partner, Beijing might be feeling rubbed the wrong way. As of now, Taiwan is enjoying a safe haven.



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