Apple IOS 18 update – Latest update details, new features, release date and much more…

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Apple brings its most anticipated update, the IOS 18 update for the year 2024. This update has been the most awaited and is said to bring a lot of changes in the software framework. It is expected that there will be customisation and inclusion of artificial intelligence apart from the regular updates. 

A total section by section details are given below. Read to know more.

Expectations from iOS 18;

In November 2023, Bloomberg TV brought out a report where it said Apple put a one week pause on the development of new features in iOS 18 in order to fix bugs. Usually the tech giant always brings out the updates simultaneously, but this time it took around a week’s time to bring out the required changes such as bug fixing for smooth operation.

The delay is not likely to be of much concern as the company always puts quality over quantity and this time there was also no change. It followed the same principle and it has been said by experts that it took some time in building the proper foundation for the iOS 18 update so that it could be smooth and operated with much more ease.

Release Date and Device Compatibility;

The iOS 18 is set to release today at WWDC 2024, the Apple WorldWide Conference 2024. The first beta would be released today following Apple Keynote today while the public beta would come out in July 2024. iOS 17 was released on Sept 17, 2023.

Although the device compatibility is still not released officially, it is rumoured that the update would support iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max all down to iPhone X series and iPhone SE (12th and 13th Generation). 

New Features of iOS 18;

The new update has a ton of features that are particularly new to the setup  of the iPhone. From groundbreaking AI, to Open AI partnership the iOS 18 offers exclusive features listed below.

Groundbreaking AI

Most of the Artificial Intelligence tools of Apple are expected to be opted in, that means its customisable and buyers can opt if they want it or not. In a report, Mark Gurman said that if users didn’t like the feature, they wouldn’t be forced to include it in their phones.

There are reports of orders being given to imbibe the company’s large language model with the software team of iOS 18. 

With the AI upgrades, revamped Siri is expected to come. Apple’s virtual assistant is expected to receive a major upgrade boosting the natural language processing and the ability to handle more complex queries with ease.

AI integration in the messages app will help field questions and autocomplete answers by referencing the context of the conversation. The AI feature would also help in summarising paragraphs by looking into notifications, webpages, messages, emails and other sections, allowing users to quickly get the most important gist of the vast information that they are trying to process. 

Other improvements are expected in the Voice memos and photos as the auto generation feature is set to be installed and auto transcription feature of audio files is to be added. 

An Open AI Partnership

It is said that Apple has been trying to cut a deal with Chat GPT founder company, Open AI to get artificial intelligence features in iOS 18. The partnership with Open AI would help build up a chatbot for the Apple smartphones starting from this update. 

It is to be seen how this collaboration works and how the chatbot performs. Apple is also developing its own language model for building its own chatbot.

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RCS Support

In October 2023, Apple announced that RCS support is coming to Apple products. Rich Communication Services is the successor to SMS and MMS. It is to be integrated in iOS 18 update and brings a number of advantages like read receipts, typing indicators, and auto sharing of high quality media by looking at cross platform conversations.

This feature is expected to enrich the iPhone users experience while communicating with Android phone users.

New Passwords App

iOS, MacOS 15, iPadOS 18 will include a dedicated password application for the first time. This new app will make it easier to log in to other websites and softwares. Earlier passwords could be accessed from the settings application instead of this dedicated password app.

This application would be available in all Apple products from iPhone, iMac, iPad, and Vision Pro. It is also being said that the feature would be available in Windows at a later stage.



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