How to be a Pro Level Player in Minecraft 2024 – tips and tricks for survival in Minecraft 2024 Edition

Best Pro Tips and Tricks

Minecraft is one of the most popular games worldwide. There are various segments in it that one can choose to play, from survival mode, creator mode to hunting and mining mode. There are two segments that a player can have – one is beginner segment and another is professional segment. 

The game is simple but very deep and has many stages in it for the player to complete. It’s also a bit tricky and it’s seen that a player masters only one or two aspects of the game. For example, if a person plays the game, s/he manages to master only the survival mode or creator mode, or both of them leaving the other two or three segments. This shows the variety and depth of the game.

The survival mode in this game includes a customization mode too so that players can enjoy it with friends or in groups. Here are the few steps how a gamer can win the survival mode in the Minecraft 2024 season.

Step 1; Gathering Resources: 

At the start of the game, the gamer is given a map with the location of the area to go and gather wood. If there aren’t any trees in the area to cut wood from, one can gather sand in the bags. After gathering wood, the next step is to craft the logs into small wooden blocks, planks and stick using the crafting menu. These can be done without taking the help of a crafting table.

Step 2; Building a shelter: 

The next step is building a temporary shelter in the daytime due to the reason that hostile mobs attack the region at night. Therefore building a shelter is a must. If the gamer is new, or is a seasoned gamer, minecraft gives an enthralling experience to build with creativity and alertness. After the gamer gets to choose a proper place he or she can build a well fortified castle or a simple cottage with a cosy fireplace as he wants. 

Step 3; Crafting Tools: 

Crafting tools and basic stuff like swords, axes, spears, Shovel, Pixaxes, Torches, Chests, Beds, boats, tables are required in the game as the stages proceed. One needs to be able to craft essentials so as to keep mobs like the Phantom away from the shelter by punching them with all hell let loose when they try to attack the house at night. And beds, chests and boats are required to be able to survive well and for transportation purposes.

Step 4; Finding Food:

After settling into the house, the next thing is to find food for eating and survival. The player can hunt animals and cook food. If it’s not happening, one can start to grow by farming.

Step 5; Mining:

The next step is to go exploring and find caves to mine resources such as iron ore, diamonds, gold ore, redstone, emerald and more. One can dig their own mine caves using shovels and other tools but it is preferable to go exploring. Saves a lot of time and effort you know. Different spots are marked on the caves to mark different ores and minerals. Here the torches and other stuff would come handy showing the necessity of the tools the gamer created previously.

Step 6; Craft Armor, Build Farms and tame animals: 

Crafting armour needs to be done so as to add a little protection. It consists of building a helmet, chest armour, pants and shoes. After that, it’s time to build a farm or two where you can grow food for yourself and tame animals like dogs, cats, horses and livestock.  

Step 7; Explore the Nether: 

The nether is a part of minecraft where you can find lava flowing and other rare minerals that are usually not available in the game. Here there is a risk of meeting with dangerous mobs who are also after these minerals and can kill you if met. So one needs to be extra cautious here.

Step 8; making Potions: 

This is the last step where one enters the local brewery and learns to make glasses of wine and alcohol. The output can be used to get additional status effects on the player, mobs and other players if one is playing multiplayer mode with their friends. The consumption of these products are sometimes positive and sometimes negative. Thus, it is usually thrown as a waste of resources too. 

Beating minecraft ends the game where one needs to craft an Eye of the Ender and use it to find the Enders Portal. Once it is found, the player needs to go and pass the portal to reach the end of the awesome game. 



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