Best Pro Tips and Tricks For Survival In Minecraft 2024

Best Pro Tips and Tricks

For many years, the video game Minecraft has enjoyed enormous popularity. You can construct a home, a farm, and keep pets in the game’s lovely dynamically generated setting.

The Minecraft world is hostile, though, as it is full of hostile enemies like zombies and creepers who will attack you.

In addition to these, there are other other bosses in the game, such as Warden, Ender Dragon, Wither, Elder Guardian, and others.

All of these have enormous health bars and are capable of doing a tonne of damage. Try out some of these Minecraft tips and tricks to survive the aggressive creatures and many lethal environmental hazards.

7 Best Pro Tips & Tricks For Survival In Minecraft

1. Gather Lava Buckets

The furnace can run efficiently on fuel from lava buckets. It will keep working for a very long period, which is great for smelting.

Another essential component in the creation of obsidian, one of the rarest blocks in Minecraft, is lava. When you mine underground, lava is typically what you’ll find.

Always keep a few empty buckets with you so you can collect lava and transport it back to your base. If you run out of buckets, you can always return to the same location to gather lava.

2. Pick Best Diamond Level

In Minecraft, diamonds are a very valuable material. High-quality, very durable tools, weaponry, and armor are made from diamonds.

Additionally, they can be used to create an enchanted table and traded with locals for other goods.

The best Y-level in Minecraft for finding diamonds is -53 since lava may be found there at level -54. Technically, you can seek for diamonds at Y-levels -59 or lower, but -53 offers the best odds.

3. Make Your Base Zombie-Proof

In Minecraft, zombies can slam your door shut and assault your base. You can make your door one block higher to make it harder for zombies to get in and protect your base.

In addition to these, you can surround your base with a fence because they cannot scale walls. Get a pet cat if you want additional defense against creepers, as they stay away from cats.

The safest biome in Minecraft is the Mushroom one because you may set up your base there because dangerous enemies don’t spawn there at night.

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4. Put On A Pumpkin Hat To Ward Off Endermen

The benefits of donning a pumpkin on your head go beyond aesthetics. In Minecraft, even after you assault, Endermen won’t come after you if you’re wearing a pumpkin head.

The pumpkin technically prevents you from making eye contact with an enderman, who will typically attack anyone who does so.

When battling the Ender Dragon, one of Minecraft’s most challenging bosses, as well as other hostile monsters, wearing a pumpkin can be incredibly helpful.

5. Make It Easier To Survive Underwater

When they venture underwater for exploration in Minecraft, players frequently forget to take a breath. Make sure you have plenty of torches on hand if you intend to go on an underwater adventure.

An air bubble that lasts only a short while can be made by placing a torch on a block.

Ladders, doors, signs, and fences are a few examples of the objects that can be used with this trick and have air surrounding them. You can stay underwater for longer by stacking these items on a block.

6. Construct An Endless Water Supply

In Minecraft, you’ll always need water for your farm. You may easily make an endless stream of water for this reason.

Make a 22 square on the ground that is only one block deep to start. Then let a pail of water flow over the top left corner of the square.

Finally, add another bucket’s worth of water to the square’s bottom right corner. You’ve just given Minecraft an endless supply of water.

7. Carry Water While Mining

Mining is necessary to find rare materials, but it may be quite risky. You will encounter lava that flows through fissures and swiftly burns you to death as you continue mining farther beneath.

The character’s entire inventory of tools, armor, and weapons will likewise be destroyed.

Keep in mind you always have a bucket of water with you to prevent this. A bucket of water can be poured on any lava that is approaching you to put it out quickly.



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