Blinken Criticizes Israel’s Actions in Gaza

blinken criticizes israel's actions in gaza

Antony Blinken, the U.S. Secretary of State, strongly criticized Israel’s ally over its actions in the ongoing war in Gaza. Blinken’s comments on Sunday news shows highlighted growing U.S. concerns over civilian deaths and the lack of a plan for lasting peace.  

Civilians Killed, Hamas Not Defeated

Blinken said Israel’s tactics have killed many innocent civilians but failed to defeat Hamas leaders and fighters. He warned this approach risks causing a long-lasting armed resistance that Israel may have to deal with.

Israel Lacks Plan for After War

Blinken revealed that for weeks, the U.S. has worked with Arab partners on developing plans for security, governance, and rebuilding in Gaza after the war. However, he said Israel has not provided such a plan.

Risk of Chaos Allowing Hamas Return

Blinken cautioned that Israel’s military operation in Rafah, while possibly having some early success, could also badly harm over 1 million civilians there. Without a clear strategy, he warned it could create chaos, allowing Hamas to regain control.

May Have Violated International Law

In an unusual public criticism, Blinken cited a new U.S. report finding Israel likely violated international laws by using U.S. weapons in a way that caused unreasonable civilian harm in Gaza.

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White House Pushes for New Approach

The White House said National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan urged Israel to consider “different actions” to defeat Hamas across Gaza, rather than a Rafah ground offensive. However, tensions are rising between Biden and Netanyahu over the war.

Domestic U.S. Tensions

The crisis is also causing tensions within the U.S. Protests condemn military support for Israel, while some lawmakers say Biden should give Israel whatever it needs. The issue could impact the November presidential election.

Blinken made clear the U.S. believes Israel’s current approach in Gaza is flawed morally, legally and strategically. His words indicate pressure on Israel to change course and find a better way to achieve lasting security.



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