Iran’s Role in Sudan- A Cause for Concern

iran’s role in sudan a cause for concern

After the Hamas war and Israel’s strong retaliatory action, the condition of Hamas is bad and there has also been a rift with Iran. Perhaps this is because the IR Power Rule never encourages ignoring national interest to help others. So, Iran is looking for a new partner in the Middle East. The blowing wind is telling us that this new partner can be ..Sudan.!

Diplomatic relations between Sudan and Iran had been weakening at the time of 2016 after the attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran but after the 2020s it is coming back on track. This relationship started making news in 2023 and there is tension between world leaders over it. Iran’s developments are being closely monitored at the regional and international levels.

In recent times Sudan is facing devastating consequences of a prolonged civil war. This is filled with violence, displacement, and a major issue of humanitarian crisis. Apart from these Sudan is also facing issues of famine, and floods.

In between this situation, some external powers are emerging as a threat to the region which can destabilize the balance in the Middle East i.e. Iran.

Though the civil war of Sudan is not a new emerging story for the region for decades Sudan is in war, an internal war! This war is due to many reasons, religion, ethnic tension, power struggle, and resources are some of the common problems.

After the change of government in Sudan in 2018, when General Omar Bashir’s military regime was overthrown, hopes for democracy were raised, but when Sudan again plunged into war and tragedy in 2023, all hopes of revival were lost. This led to a new wave of violence and instability in the region.

This is the time when Sudan is in an internal war again and the country is weak and many external powers are trying to establish their influence in this region. Iran is trying to expand its influence in Sudan.

Multiple sources, such as Bloomberg, reported that Iran supported the Bashir regime. In the report, he also claimed that Iran used Sudan as a medium to send weapons to terrorist groups like Islamic Jihad in Gaza. This is a claim of smuggling.

There was news that Iran offered military support to the Sudanese Armed Forces in exchange for the establishment of a naval base on Sudan’s Red Sea coast.

However, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan does not want any external interference and does not want to make Sudan a source of subservience to external powers. However, Iran gradually became an important power in Sudan due to internal competition for power in the country. Their reach of Iran is increasing in Sudan.

Iran’s presence in Sudan is dangerous for the world. This could worsen the human condition and create a threat of instability. America has expressed its concern about this many times before.

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Why is Iran doing this?

Iran is trying to challenge Western influence in the Middle East region and create a strong base for its geopolitical agenda. Iran is using SAF and providing support to Islamic forces to establish his agenda there.

International community condemns Iran

Every act of Iran may be in the eyes of Western powers as it could bring major geopolitical changes, the international community including the United States condemns Iran for intervening in Sudan’s civil war.

Now the situation has become even more serious for Sudan, on one hand Sudan is getting support from Iran, although Iran is using Sudan for its own will. If Sudan stands up against Iran then this country can get rapid support from the West and others and it will be a big geopolitical victory for America in the Middle East to create stability in the Middle East region.



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